1. Can I attend only one day of the Companion Programme?

    Yes you may attend the day of your choice. However, the program must be paid in full, which includes the 2 days activities.

  2. Does the Companion Programme include a ticket for the welcome cocktail and gala dinner?

    Yes, tickets must be picked up with the organising committee at the registration desk.


  1. What information do I need to provide to sign up for the visit?

    Level of education, name, institution, position, email

  2. If I could not sign up prior to the Convention, where I can register?

    At the information desk

  3. Do I need any special clothing?

    Casual clothes, sport shoes or boots preferably

  4. What is the ideal time to sign up?

    What is the ideal time to sign up?


  1. How many courses can I sign up for?

    You can sign up for a maximum of three; the system will prevent schedules to overlap.

  2. What can I do if I cannot sign up online and have problems with my registration?

    Restart log in and try for a second time, otherwise for online assistance.

  3. What can I do if I cannot log in or do not have my password?

    Send an Email to to retrieve your keyword and/or Password

  4. How do I know I am already enrolled in the course I want?

    Once enrolled, the system sends a confirmation of the courses you sign up to.

  5. Where do I pick up my record of the course or workshop I took?

    Records are handed out at the registration desk. For further information please contact:

  6. When are the records handed out?

    It is important to pick up your record upon completion of the courses or workshop.


  1. What is the registration fee for the contest?

    There is no charge for registration, by registering to the convention you can participate if you are interested.

  2. How many people per Utility can sign up for the Meter Madness competition?

    Since it is an individual competition, those the Utility considers that can cover their expenses can participate, or by the preselecting process of the utility through internal competitions.

  3. Where I can purchase a meter to practice and how much is it?

    If you provide us a postal address and the name of the recipient, a meter is sent to you for free to practice.

  4. What type of meter is used?

    All competitions organised by ANEAS the M25 Badger Thermoplastic Meter is used.

  5. Is any special safety equipment required?

    No safety equipment is required for the meters assembling.

  6. What are the prizes awarded to winners?

    The first place will be able to participate in the Meter Madness competition in the United States with expenses paid.

  7. Are there men and women categories?

    Participation is for both as it seeks to promote gender

  8. If questions arise during competitions who can address them?

    Judges are the only ones authorised to answer any questions or nonconformity. inconformidad.


  1. What is the cost for signing up to the contest?

    There is no charge for registration, by registering to the convention you can participate if you are interested

  2. If I do not have the Müller machine, can I participate?

    Yes you can participate, the equipment will be provided but it is advisable to use your own equipment.

  3. What is the safety equipment to be used in the contest?

    Helmet, goggles, gloves and boots. Failure to comply with the safety equipment the participant will be disqualified from the competition

  4. Can I participate with more than one team?

    Yes it is possible, as long as the teams are composed with the required number of participants, four per squad.

  5. Is there any opportunity to practice?

    Yes, up to an hour before starting the competition.


  1. What is a Technical Talk?

    The Technical Talks Programme offers the opportunity to present a specific case of participation in the water and sanitation subsector, with technology and/or services offered by your company. This 50-min space takes place in a parallel scenario, under a more accessible and participatory dynamic to get in touch with your potential users.

  2. How I can participate in this Programme?

    This programme is an exclusive benefit for the companies taking part as Institutional Sponsor. For further information on how to increase the presence of your company and participate in this programme please contact 55 43 66 00.

  3. In addition to my stand, how I can strengthen my company's presence in the activities of ANEAS Convention and Expo?

    All associates and Expo ANEAS participants can sponsor activations in the Expo area. If you require more information about these activations:competitions, raffles and brand presence, please contact 55 43 66 00.


  1. How can I register online?

    Go to the registry section and enter the information required.

  2. Where are the badges handed out?

    Badges will be handed out at registration desk.

  3. When will I receive my invoice?

    Invoice will be sent the day after you send proof of payment.

  4. Can I pay for a single day of the Convention?

    Yes, but you can only access the conference or register for a course that takes place that day if there is availability.

  5. How I can get a welcome kit?

    The welcome kit is delivered only to those that have covered their registration fee, both members and non-members.


  1. Where are the gala dinner tickets handed out?

    At the registration desk when you make your payment.

  2. Is there a dress code for social events?

    Participants must wear formal attire.


  1. How I can get to the venue?

    The Organising Committee offers hotel-venue-hotel shuttle on two specific schedules, mornings and evenings.


  1. What are the hotel accommodation options?

    The Hotel section provides details of participating hotels with preferential rates: Name of contact, location, estimated time to the venue, and prices.

  2. When is the best time to book a hotel?

    Hotel reservations are open source and subject to availability, so we recommend booking as soon as possible in the hotel of your choice.


  1. Will there be any food service available?

    The “Centro Expositor Puebla” will provide food service at affordable prices to all convention participants.