In line with the call the UN made through the World Water Assessment Programme UNESCO-WWAP to the global community, the core theme of the 31st ANEAS Annual Convention & Expo Puebla 2017 is "Wastewater: a potential resource".

Considering the population dynamics and urban concentrations in our country, it is necessary to analyse and reflect on ways to manage water. One of them is wastewater recovery to meet other users demands. Currently, 50% of the municipal water collected is reused, of which only 4.2% is exchanged for drinking water.

For Utilities, wastewater represents an opportunity to reduce their extractions, expand their supply sources portfolio, and increase revenues.

Which is why the 31st ANEAS Annual Convention y Expo Puebla 2017 was designed to provide an overview of the opportunities that wastewater management offers. Experts from different disciplines will share their knowledge, address scientific challenges, and explore the technological, financial and cultural alternatives to move from the "use-treat-discard" water paradigm to "reduce- reuse- recycle-recover."